Despite my best intentions, I’m naturally predisposed to being a very tightly wound, jumpy, nervous person. Over time I’ve discovered that much of this has to do with my chaotic surroundings: living in a city, in a first floor apartment, with just a simple little lock on the door, with the constant bustle of traffic and sirens outside. And that’s just the exterior: inside, the clutter seems to multiply over night, bits of fiber and yarn turn into tumbleweeds across the rugs, and the piles of dishes in the sink seem bottomless. I’ve decided to be proactive and take responsibility for all this, and turn this lovely little nest that I share with my love into the kind of calm, tranquil place that I’ve always dreamed of. Without the clutter and chaos, life will be just a little more beautiful, a little more peaceful. And wherever and whenever I can, I will create what I need to enhance the loveliness of life. I’ll craft myself a more beautiful space. A more soothing life, through knitting and sewing and baking and creating. And of course, loving. A terrific journey to come along on, methinks.

Just last week, I indulged in bands and bands of stockinette knitting, completely mindlessly, in a gorgeous mustard alpaca. It was heavenly on the hands, and is even softer on the neck after a gentle soak in lavender-water. I calmly stitched away while camped out on the couch with Scott, while watching documentaries, while listening to Sondre Lerche in the afternoon sun. Although it hides in a drawer until the air cools down, I look forward to the trips I’ll take when it will adorn my neck as I sip on hot apple cider and walk amongst fallen leaves. Dreaming of autumn…


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