I’m sitting by the windowsill today contemplating a lot of things. Later I’ll go to the museum to work on an assignment for my museum studies course, but until then, I have lots of little errands to occupy myself with…and the clouds don’t seem to want to comply with my plans. I’m waiting for a signal that its safe to leave the house without worrying about getting wet. I’ll wait a few moments longer, and then things are in the hands of the sky. I’m crossing my fingers.

Today I am obsessed with the UK Toast catalog and the gorgeous, rustic English landscape they use as a backdrop. I’m going to dig out my Rowan magazines later and drool some more over grassy knolls, perpetual dampness, and woolen stockings. The Scandinavian side of me usually rears it’s head this time of year, and I decided that I will wear lots of plaid and wool and braids this fall. I’ve already cut bangs–perhaps a mistake–but feel excited for now, because I’ve been due for a change. Maybe thats whats bogging me down…a ho-hum routine.

I’m going to grab my trusty (flimsy) umbrella now and hope for the best.


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