Natural vs. artificial.

I’ve been very lucky in my academic path to take classes that seem to weave together into a very brilliant, rich fabric. Every semester I come upon a moment of epiphany when I realize just how interconnected many things in life are, and I’m most interested in the connections between life(& culture) and art. So when in my museum studies course we discussed the beginnings of the cabinets of curiosity, which were organized into that which was natural and that which was not, I found a little bit of my studies trickling down onto my fingers, where I happened to be holding a ball of yarn that captured the same spirit.

I love all that is earthly and rustic (well, you know, just as much as I love all that is decadent and glamorous–but that’s for another time), so it’s no wonder that I picked up some Noro sock yarn: filled with lots of brambles from the sheep’s wool and composed of “natural” colors, I was smitten from the beginning. But tucked within the ball of yarn were some very artificial colors. I was smart to cut them out of the second sock, and considered re-knitting the first to match. But as much as it startled me to see the abrasive neon green and black amidst the rich greens and browns, I took pause and realized that these socks are the perfect example of early collecting: they would have been parted upon completion, each sent to a different cabinet to ultimately make their home. And then I kind of fell in love with these socks. Not to mention that the yarn is of a tough, sort of waxy build–perfect for tucking inside of winter boots. I’m rather glad that I left them, and look forward to future endeavors into inadvertently academic knits.

And of course, I love that they match our Flaming Lips artwork perfectly!


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