Cozy coats.

Back in July when my mother asked me what I’d like for my birthday, I had the foresight to think of a chilly autumn in Boston. We scooted over to one of my favorite knitting designer’s–Kim Hargreaves–website and sat for a moment, sifting through the copious woolen garments and settling on one that we both agreed would provide me with years of wear while, obviously, remaining somewhat stylish. The double-breasted moss stitch-banded jacket was the epitome of everything I was looking for, and I eagerly awaited the package from England.

Once I received it, I eagerly started at the pattern. My fingers worked furiously, knitting away on this darling little sweater almost nightly. But there were a few hiccups along the road: tension issues, mismatched sleeve caps, and a wonky collar. Luckily, I persisted and worked through these issues instead of relegating it to the cupboard where a menagerie of unfinished knits have languished for months. As I finished sewing on the final sleeve and got to try it on for the first time, I experienced an unparalleled bliss. I’ve knit dozens of things before: socks, scarves, hats, etc. But never a real garment, something I could wear out into the world to keep myself warm. There was once a sweater vest, for Scott, but sizing issues with that have left it on the shelf without wear (of course, now I will rip and reknit it).

I’ve worn this several times since completing it, and it is by far the most cozy, comfortable sweater I’ve ever worn. The mohair blend yarn (Rowan Kid Classic) isn’t itchy at all–something I was nervous about–and the halo of fuzz surrounding the garment adds a layer of insulation. I am so motivated right now to just knit an entire armoire’s worth of sweaters so that every day I can feel the joy of wearing something  stitched together with love and pride. Of course, that will have to wait until I finish up my Christmas knits…something that might take a long time.

Yesterday my little jacket kept me very cozy while on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine. Scott and I made a stop at our favorite little hot dog dive, Flo’s, and made our way up the Maine coastline. It was the perfect autumn day…chilly and brisk, punctuated with belly warming food and the most gorgeous New England foliage I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was so rejuvenating. After a long day in Maine in the cold, we came home to a chilly apartment and bundled up beneath blankets to eat chili and biscuits, spending the rest of the night cozying up on the couch and laughing with each other.

Now I’m off to write a short story about the natural world for school and study for art history until my eyes bleed. Maybe it’s a good time for a hot toddy…


2 thoughts on “Cozy coats.

  1. Thanks so much, Alice! But really, what a compliment–I’m always floored by your beautiful knits!

    Anyway, you should definitely look into Kim’s kits, they’re amazing and impeccably put together.

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