The joys of monogamy.

I’ve discovered, over the last couple of weeks, the merits of being monogamous.

I was seriously daunted by my seemingly bottomless list of things to make for the holidays. I wanted to do something really special for each of my parents to show appreciation for all of their assistance since losing my job, and really wanted to hit it out of the park and wow them. I realized quickly, however, that time (and mostly school) didn’t permit such lofty goals, and I had to simplify my plans. Scanning the various knitting books and patterns I’ve amassed over time, I settled on vests for both of my parents: things that will, ultimately, keep them cozy and warm their hearts, but will also spare me the time of knitting sleeves and going to extraordinary lengths with finishing.

Since losing said job, my budget for all things has been epically reduced, and while this hasn’t affected me too much (because I don’t do much shopping for anything besides food), it has limited my ability to buy yarn: my one true vice. Because of the unavailable funds, I’ve slowed down my knitting progress and vowed to commit to one project at a time instead of splitting my focus between the vests and various mittens and socks and the like. And, surprisingly, progress is moving along swiftly! I started dad’s vest first because a) it is the largest thing I’ll have to make and b) the most time consuming. But already, I’m about a quarter of the way finished. I hoped to finish it before Thanksgiving, and it looks like I’ll come way under on that deadline. It will allow me more time to finish the oodles of smaller things I have to make (slippers for grandmothers, socks for mama in law, etc.), which is a huge relief.

The yarn in my basket is still winking at me and begging me to pick it up, but I’m doing a great job of being a one-project woman. Hoo-rah.


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