Gratitude Tuesday.

While walking home from the public library today, basking in the warmth of the sunshine on a very cold day, I couldn’t help but look up at the Boston skyline and think about how lucky I am, for so many reasons.

Fairly often, I’ll think about things that make me happy, that I’m grateful for–and while those thoughts are comforting and wonderful, they’re usually fleeting. They fall to the wayside as soon as things get stressful and the muscles in my shoulders begin to gnarl into knots. Then I become pessimistic. Then I lose sight of what’s really important in life. And I thought that instead of letting those thankful thoughts be irrelevant, I should give them some credit–after all, they’re some of the most important things to be thinking about. I wanted to create a log of those hefty, yet ephemeral thoughts, so that with a mere mouse click, I could be transported to light and happy times, the equivalent of a digital bowl of chicken soup.

And thus begins my Gratitude Tuesday.

This week, I’m grateful for…

…having spent a short (yet long-feeling) weekend with Scott’s parents, spending evenings curled up near the woodstove, watching good movies/documentaries, and eating lots of comforting, stick-to-yer-ribs foods.

…getting to spend a lot of time in the library lately. And the reading that follows such visits.

…walking home in the sun eating a clementine, and the smell of citrus embedded in my fingertips for the rest of the day.

…knowing that I get to come home from school tonight to a boyfriend buried beneath several blankets, wearing his hand-knit cap,  smiling and greeting me as if I am the Odysseus to his Penelope.

I think that tonight I’ll make some hot cocoa for sipping on while we cuddle and watch movies. Something else to be grateful for, certainly.


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