Gratitude Tuesday…again.

I had sincerely hoped that I would come visit this place again before, well, another Tuesday. See, I’m trying to become more disciplined with the whole blogging thing. I’m trying to create a ritual with my writing and storytelling, and reap the benefits of daily practice. Because as far as my writing is concerned, I’m pretty rusty. And since the focus of this particular blog is improving my life through craft, frugality, and reflection, you know…I thought there’d be much more frequency, considering the amount of craft, frugality, and reflection goes on in my day to day life. I would have been able to discuss the charming cap I knit for Scott, or show off some fancy ornaments I made, or even just blab on about a really fancy knit swatch I’ve been staring at. And of course, those things will all be blogged in due time. I’ve had this big thing come up thats been taking up a lot of my time: school.

This semester has been a really tough one for me. I’m taking very advanced courses that come along with more than ample reading, and even more writing. Just as one paper is handed in, another is already mid-completion, only to be handed in the following week. Multiply this over a couple of courses, and you can imagine the academic frenzy going on in my head.

But, as much as I may complain about school, or be stressed out about it, I’m actually quite grateful for the opportunity I have. I’ve deferred my entrance into the “real world” by taking my sweet time (unintentionally) with picking out what I want to do, transferring schools a few times, and finally settling on the right fit–only to realize that all of my previous slacking has really set me back, and that I better shake a tailfeather if I ever want to be out of school.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, away from this computer. Except, mostly on it, writing, but…far away from WordPress. I’m still going to take a moment to reflect, though, and will say that today I’m thankful for…

…Thanksgiving break! My, what a pleasure to spend so much time home, with my family, eating tons of delicious food and enjoying their company.

…Scott visiting us in New York, coming along to a delicious Belgian restaurant, watching silly movies with us, and really just being the kindest, funniest person to grace my life.

…Scott, period, actually.

…coming home to a clean apartment. I made sure that it was sparkling before we left, so that we would be able to come home to a very neat, calming place. Unfortunately, our bags have still not been unpacked, and now there is quite the mess.

…getting a bit of time to knit. I tend to miss that while I’m reading lots of books for school.

…time outside in the sunshine. It’s so easy to hole up in the house sometimes; it’s so very refreshing to get outside, even if a struggle to do so. I will be heading out in a moment to do just that.

I will not be vitamin D deficient this year. Nope.


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