Nothing goes to waste.

img_3723Scott and I love using things up. We get such a thrill from polishing off leftovers, reusing things otherwise destined for the trash, and turning scraps of things (such as yarn and fabric) into usable, beautiful objects. But when we burned the last of our pillar candles, we found ourselves in a pickle: the candles had burned clear down the center, leaving the walls of the pillars intact. Since we couldn’t bear to throw out the colorful, yummy-scented candles, we turned to our ingenuity and thrift and came up with a very simple, obvious solution: melt those babies down!

Quickly, though, we realized that we didn’t have a proper vessel for melting candle wax. Not wanting to ruin a pot or pan, we waited, patiently, until we could come up with a solution. And lo and behold–we finished off a metal jar of honey, which we used as a double boiler to melt the wax. Within minutes, the stiff wax puddled into liquid, and with spare wicks (leftover from a crafting project last year) in hand, had re-poured our old candles into new ones, without a dime spent. We refilled some of the votives that we had finished (by melting the remainder of the wax out of them, giving them a rinse under HOT water, and wiping the black soot off of them with dryer sheets), and then poured a few candles into empty jam jars.

Did I mention how fun this was? Or the joy that it brings me to come home to the candles lining the mantle, all lit up, as a reminder of a calm evening with my love? Because, really. Every time we light those candles, we both have a special memory attached to them. I can’t wait to see what other challenges cross our paths, and how we handle them!


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