The calm before the storm.

The mere thought of the last month, with excesses of schoolwork and research and trips to the library, immediately makes me want to slip under the covers with a steaming cup of hot cocoa at my side and a fluffy, frivolous book in hand. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the research I did, because I learned a lot from it and have expanded my love of art into new genres, but the volume of all of it was slightly overwhelming. Now that it’s all behind me, though, I can take in the season peacefully. Because, you know…with one week left until “the big day,” calm is all I should be, right? Especially when I’m behind on making gifts, yes?

img_3738In any event, the tree is (mostly) trimmed. Our little Charlie Brown tree has been outfitted with sundry handmade ornaments, courtesy of bursts of energy/creativity here and there. Some of my hard work still needs a copious dusting of glitter before making its debut on the tree, but I haven’t had the time to visit the craft store just yet. Now, with a bit of a break, I can stock up on red glitter, and all will be well in Chez S & S. I plan on knitting several more mitten sets and mini socks to fill out the branches a bit. Having our little tree around has upped my morale and love for the season immensely. We have a lovely wreath on our door. I’m feeling merry, and my energy is increasing for the rush of gifts, or, “Knit-a-thon 2008.”

I’ve got a couple of inches of knitting left for Dad’s vest, which is turning out beautifully. The size may pose a bit of a problem, but as long as it errs on the side of smaller, it can always be blocked bigger. If too big… then I’m going to spend a lot of time crying and cursing my loose-knitting habits. I’ve still got a cowl for mom to knit, and a set of mittens for the sistaw-in-law. After that comes the baking, which, though sort of daunting, will keep me cozy in the kitchen for a solid three days while lots of Christmas music plays. And if my treats are tasty enough, everyone will forget that I really didn’t buy them much of anything except for an impetus to join the gym. And what better way to enter a new year than with a few extra pounds?

Rethinking Christmas baking plans.

Anyway, the last thing I should be doing right now is blogging. But for the sake of posterity, I had to post a photograph of a really charming picture of boyfriend who is very taken with his hand-knit hat.

img_3745In our home, some of the simplest things are loved the most: a hand-hewn tea cup, a gilded dinosaur pulled from the trash pile, and some basic pine-scented pillar candles. From the moment this hat came off the needles, it hasn’t left Scott’s head. And for a knitter, that is the ultimate thank-you.


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