Settling in for a new year.

img_3788To say that this past Christmas vacation was relaxing is perhaps the largest understatement I will ever make. It was a break full of sloth, packed with too much eating, and void of outdoor activity–something which I craved. But despite the lack of mobility and adventure, I think that it was actually quite vital to my well-being. All the time spent on the couch knitting, watching movies, sitting in the kitchen with mom, and generally being a bump on a log with Scott, only made me feel more tied to my resolutions. Because, you know…being lazy is great and all, for a little while, but when you’re usually a quite industrious, active person, it does get boring. And then, inspiring. And to come away from two weeks of rest with a vibrating urge to do, and to make, and to live well, well…I’d say that it was successful.

And so, 2008 was closed with family. Our vacation was great. I was able to complete all the knits I had started, polish off a book I had been reading “for fun,” spend lots of time with my honey, and reflect on the past year. And although 2008 was absolutely wonderful, full of lots of new beginnings, fresh starts, adventure, education, and excitement, there was still a lot missing from it. Most importantly, the things on my epic to-do list which were never given their moment.

In lieu of gratitude Tuesday, which, of course is important and relevant, today will be resolution Tuesday, as I’m late on posting for the new year (hurray computer-free vacation!), and have lots of things that I’d like to try to commit to this year. Typically I write my resolutions on the inside of my planner, where they inevitably become hidden by loose scraps of paper and tucked away envelopes. Instead, I thought that the visibility of putting them here, where I can often reference them, paired with the commitment to whomever may be reading this little blog, would keep me responsible for them. I hope.

And so, in 2009, I would love to…

Spend more time outside. Nature walks, hiking, canoing/kayaking, the works. Fresh air!

Take more photographs! I have a lovely Holga that Scott gifted me last Christmas, and it has not received nearly enough attention. Time to correct the problem, and have more of a concrete record of my life!

Get my lazy bum out of bed earlier. When Scott wakes me up early before school or work, I’m always able to get so much more done. I’d like to commit to it on my own, instead of using a human alarm clock.

Eat out less. I love to cook, and can hone my skills while saving money. Because, incidentally, I have little to none right now.

Spend more time at the great (and free) cultural institutions in Boston. The MFA, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and ICA are all available to me because I’m a student. And the Boston Public Library is a gem. I need to take advantage of all of these great places!

More monogamous knitting. I tend to be rather attention deficit when it comes to committing to one knitting project at a time. I am actually able to finish things faster if I stick to one thing at a time, and often take more pleasure in them. Focus!

Stretch my writing muscles. I used to dedicate myself to a daily writing practice. That fell to the wayside with the onslaught of academic writing for school. But at heart, I’m a creative writer, and to let it out is to feel complete for me. This is perhaps the most important of my resolutions.

And as every year, for the last three…

Love Scott as hard as possible. Make him know it every day. He is my best friend, the most important dude in my world. I shower him with love and kisses every day, but there is no limit to how much is normal/acceptable. I want to blow the roof out on that one.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Settling in for a new year.

  1. Hmm, instead of coming up with my own list, I think I’ll just borrow some of yours 😉 Ha ha. I need to get up earlier, do more things in Philly and perhaps get a few projects done as well. Your last one about your boyfriend is very sweet!

  2. Aw, thanks! I think that a lot of resolutions tend to be universal…which is why I’m fond of mine, as I don’t have to pick anything too “out-there” or obscure! I’m so jealous you live in Philly; I’ve been dying to get out there for some time now. Perhaps I’ll Amtrak it from Boston some time–I hear the art museum(s?) is awesome!

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