Better living through craft.

My intentions for creating this blog were, originally, to document the ability that craft, thrift, and ingenuity have on improving one’s (well, my) life. And so, in the spirit of that intent, I’m embarking on my journey to kick that mission into overdrive. Starting with my “home office.”

Something to be understood about my (& Scott’s) apartment is that it is actually, in fact, a studio, meaning that we essentially live in one giant room (bless those high ceilings!) with one door for a bathroom. Our tiny space is filled with charm and personality, and I love it to bits despite its space challenges, but the only thing that really bothers me about it is the office area. It’s attached to the kitchen and bathroom, segregated from the living space, and has a low ceiling, small footprint, and no windows. And when you spend long hours sitting in front of a computer trying to get work done, the inability to look out onto a beautiful view, or even just experience natural light, is upsetting. So in the pursuit of beautifying my tiny office, I thought I would personalize the space a bit. I think we’ll try some paint, soon, as I believe we’re going to lease for another year. But in addition? Well, I need a bulletin board. Badly.


This one is simple and elegant, a small place to tuck a few cherished photos, a handwritten love note, and a poignant proverb. But I’m not sure that the cost of a Homasote board, fabric, and a frame are all within my budget. If I could find an antique frame, though, this might be ticket. I think I would pair a burnished gold or silver carved wooden frame with an even paler ice blue, or perhaps a Tiffany box blue. It depends. Both would clash with the rug we currently have, which is sort of geometric earth-tones.

mla102508_0207_bulletboard_l2I like the idea of a full-wall bulletin board, and the ability to customize the fabric is exciting. But I worry that, with our already limited space, the thickness of the board and the wrapped fabric would cause my desk to jut out just a hair more. Am I just being really anal about that extra half inch of space? It could provide a much needed boost of color, along with LOTS of space for tacking up mementos.

mpa102828_0307_desk_xl1This one is my favorite. The entire image has been floating around in my head since the issue of Blueprint came out, touring the store Camp in NYC. I love the natural elements, the linen, the doilies, the vintage-y, feminine nature of it. This is the exact kind of sewing table I could imagine myself having, except instead of scores of framed doilies, I would highlight some of my great-aunt’s tatting work, and perhaps some of my godmother’s needlepoint. We already have a large branch in our home, but I feel that if I were to move it into the office, it would overwhelm the space. But the addition of natural elements to a room clouded in cold CFL lighting could warm it up, so perhaps I’ll fill an apothecary with a terrarium, or a glass vase with seashells from home? The possibilities are endless and coursing through my mind.

Hopefully, in two weeks when my mother comes to visit, I’ll be able to pick up some Homasote and get cracking. I cannot wait to enrich my space, and make it more personal through mementos, letters, and photographs. Too many wonderful, cherished things are sitting in boxes right now because of improper display methods!

*All images courtesy of the wonderful Martha Stewart.


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