Geometry on the brain.

trianglelady1via Smosch

I’ve been positively smitten with this colorful, geometric print from Sandra Juto. I love the juxtaposition of bold, graphic shapes against the abstracted natural forms, and the sketchy representation of the face. I could probably stare at this for hours, thinking about what feelings Sandra wanted to impose on her character here: is he sad, contemplative? I love art that engages me and pulls me in to a visual story. I think that this will be my treat to myself at the end of the semester. (Sandra also makes really cute wrist warmers, called ‘Wrist Worms.’ If I didn’t knit, I would totally be snatching these up!)

Since I’ve had these multi-colored triangles on the brain, I’ve been thinking about how I could inject a little bit of the vibrant Scandinavian geometric motif into my life, and I’ve found a couple of options that are all very appealing.

layer6Via Helene Magnusson

I stumbled across the website of Helene Magnusson, an Icelandic knitwear designer, several months ago during a phase in which I was obsessed with Iceland and its  textile history. I instantly fell in love with Helene’s bold designs, all incorporating rich Icelandic wool with longstanding knitting traditions. Most of the knitting motifs featured draw inspiration from the wool inserts once used in what Helene calls “soft shoes,” as a way of keeping feet warm and protected. The scraps left over from the small foot covers were used to create the rich colorwork seen in the sweaters on Helene’s site—the ultimate form of recycling.

layer11Via Helene Magnusson

You can see the shoe inserts in the above photograph. I love that little vest, and feel compelled to knit it in the very near future. Perhaps I’ll start picking out wools this weekend when my mom visits! I don’t think I’ll change the colors, either, as I can’t imagine any other combination being as appealing. Of course, that is subject to change.

wool2-15Via Purl Bee

This blanket from the Purl Bee also satiates my craving for color, and is perfect in its simplicity. It’s just a collection of hand-sewn squares, the colors paired in whatever combination suits your taste. I think it’s beautiful as is, with its particular mix of colors, but also think it would be gorgeous in a monotone version, in various shades of the same color. Perhaps an ochre? It could be very modern, too, if worked up in shades of gray and black and white, but the modern look isn’t really for me. I love the hand-hewn, rustic look of this–it looks like it would simply be a strong, earnest blanket, stitched with lots of love. And the small size of the squares means it would be a great project to work on while sitting on the bus or train…and portability is a huge draw to me when choosing projects.

I take my last final exam of the semester tonight, and will be dutifully studying Gothic cathedrals until then. Once I get home, I get to relax by working on some mittens that have fallen to the wayside during a busy semester–I am SO looking forward to this. Relaxation, in t minus 6 hours.


2 thoughts on “Geometry on the brain.

  1. The long sleeve sweater is absolutely stunning! Thanks for pointing that designer out, she has some beautiful stuff on her site. And congratulations on finishing up the semester! I hope it went well!!

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