Mitten knittin’.

img_3842My next semester doesn’t start for a week, and I’m enjoying the short break. I’m loving the opportunity to let my brain get some air, take in some frivolous movies and impulsive reads, and knit until my fingers cramp up. I’m enjoying Who the F@#! is Jackson Pollock at the moment, proving that even while I should be giving myself a break from art and art history, I just can’t ignore its draw. While the debate continues on screen, I’m enjoying the feel of Shetland wool between my fingers, hoping that I can finish these lovely cabled mittens up by week’s end. It’s been particularly cold in Boston as of late, and the lack of proper mittens has taken a toll on my little fingers. I plan on remedying this as soon as possible, so that I can spend more time outside of the house. I have a bad habit of cozying up on the couch in the winter and only leaving for food. As much as I love doing things and having adventures, there is just so little motivation to do anything when there are multiple inches of slush on the ground in a very gray city. So, on with my cup of Earl Grey I go, and chug through the rest of a woolen mitt.

img_3831Today is a big day of gratitude for me. Tomorrow we inaugurate our new president, which is perhaps the most exciting event of the year. And while the festivities commence, I’ll be winding this gorgeous, rustic, rough skein of Harris wool, gifted to me by one of Scott’s best friends. He spent the last semester abroad in Scotland, and I made a small joke before he left about the abundance of sheep and wool in that country, and how I’d love to spend time there. I didn’t ask for any gifts, and certainly didn’t expect any, as, although we’re friends, I just didn’t think it was necessary. But he must have come across a yarn shop and for a brief moment had a fleeting thought of me, spending our movie nights with wool in my hands, and brought this lovely skein home for me. And, as any knitter knows, there is no better gift than yarn. I look forward to knitting it up into a beautiful lace shawl, and will hopefully have enough left over for a small trinket for Zak–perhaps some fingerless mitts or a cap. We’ll see. Nonetheless, I am thrilled, and grateful. It isn’t just a gift, but an acknowledgment of friendship, of my being accepted into this circle of friends.

I look forward to all of the fiber related pursuits this week will allow, and hope to properly document them!


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