Oh happy day!

While my week of crafty pursuits and leisure reading has been going on, I’ve felt a little bit of stress creep in. My next semester starts in just three days, and this time around, I’m taking the biggest course load I’ve ever taken. The amount of reading that I need to do per week, on top of studying and writing, is incredibly daunting. I’ve already started chipping away at my reading load to make things easier on myself later on, but there’s only so much I can do now. And amidst this little bit of anxiety about school, I’ve been worried about my lack of income–exacerbated by the fact that I have to drop a lot of money on textbooks this time around.

I’m hesitant to say that the following is a gift from a higher power, and rather prefer to think of it as karma, if that even, but…something wonderful happened this morning. It’s as if, somewhat magically, everyone decided to think of me today, and what I need and what would benefit me most, because I was just given opportunities without having to ask. Firstly, I have an interview set up next week for a phenomenal art gallery internship very close to school. I’ve coveted this position for some time and applied on a whim about a month ago, without thinking anything would come of it. That alone has made me incredibly happy, but then…

this morning I got a phone call while I was sleeping. My phone was on vibrate, on top of our wooden coffee table. I ignored its incessant pulsing, thinking it was my parents calling me and that they wouldn’t mind a phone call after I had woken up. When I checked my voicemail, I was handed an enormous gift, the perfect solution for my anxieties and worries: the owner of my favorite yarn store had called me offering me a job, out of nowhere. We’re fairly close; I worked for her briefly during the holidays, and prior to that, constantly stopped by the store to shop and chat. Apparently someone else asked for work, and finding the offer appealing, she decided to take on a new hire. But her husband actually suggested she ask me first, knowing that I’m responsible and very loyal to her. And with just a return phone call to her, I was hired. I train next week. I’m going to work in a yarn store.

This is perhaps the best news any knitter could possibly get. Today, while the sun pours brilliantly into my apartment bathing my ever-knitting fingers in a flood of light, I will be immensely happy. All worries are to the wayside now. I am employed, and get to hug yarn for eight hours at a time. Hallelujah.


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