Do you like my hat?

img_3900This picture is all kinds of messy, but amid the throngs of people and the ribbons of light, you can clearly discern a burgundy beret. That would be my head, bobbing above a sea of people, trying to swiftly make my way through a bar for a friend’s birthday celebration. I’ll post a more in-depth acknowledgment of said beret, and wax rhapsodic about the yarn I used, but for now, I’d like to discuss the ego-boosting effects of hand-knits.

At aforementioned bar over the weekend, I sat with two ladyfriends while our boyfriends stood a few feet away. We all chatted and carried on, buzzing with beer and excitement over a much-needed night out (school has been kicking my behind!). A guy wove through the crowd and saddled up near my stool, leaning over and, before introducing himself or anything, said, “I really like your hat. That’s really cool!” Now, imagine my glee, having finished the beret that afternoon! I was flying high because a guy was trying to hit on me by complimenting my knitwear. I told him that I made it, and he began talking about how he was learning to crochet…and then Scott came over and suggested that the guy by me a drink. I introduced Scott as my boyfriend, and the poor guy walked away, but the whole time, I was completely giddy about the acknowledgment of the awesome-ness of hand-knits–and not even affected by the fact that little ol’ me, girl with a self-esteem complex, was hit on. I think it shows you wear my priorities lie.

That being said, boyfriend has extolled the virtues of my beret, complimenting me on my knitting skills. I guess he’ll be a little more cautious the next time I wear it.

Full details of the wonderful, attractive beret to come!


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