What next? And other big questions.

Life has been very hectic lately. School has provided me with more reading than I can handle at times, and yet, despite the onslaught of work, February 2009 has thus far proved my most prolific month in terms of reading for pleasure in addition to knitting. I’m almost finishing with an afghan that I’ve been working on for upwards of six months, I finished two hats, am almost finished with a shawl, and very close to finishing a pair of socks. I read four books “for fun.”  Maybe I’ve subconsciously tried to do a lot this month because it is so short, and thus, precious–it required me to do as much as possible so I feel like I’m not missing out on life. As a result, I’m very happy, and feel very accomplished.

But as I think about some of the frivolous things in life (as I often do at work–oh, working in a yarn store!), I wonder what my next big project will be. This blanket has been my go-to project when I have a few spare moments, as I could knock off a hexagon or two during the course of a movie or the moments spent waiting for Scott to finish getting ready. It sat in my lap and kept me warm over the winter while I worked on it. And, to be completely honest, I do still have a bit more work on it–after all, it does have an edging–but I’m craving garment knitting. I am still so enamored with my first sweater, and want that feeling again: of finishing something, of wearing it, of loving the feeling of handknit wool against my skin. I have lots of projects swirling around my head, but I just can’t choose one. Part of me is waiting for the perfect yarn to find me, first…then I can match it to one of my projects. My tax return is begging otherwise, chewing a hole in my pocket and imploring me to just buck up, by some Rowan, and get to work on another of Kim Hargreaves’ beautiful patterns. After this crazy week of paper writing, I may do just that.

I’m also on the lookout for a few ‘life purchases’–things that I can buy once, have forever, and love unconditionally. As bizarre as it may sound, one of these things is microfiber towels. Because my hair is very thick, and is quickly becoming very long, I would love something to facilitate it drying so I don’t have to blow dry it as often. And because they dry so quickly, I could re-use them more often, thus being more ecologically friendly. I’m also looking for a great pillow, preferably one that is made of flax seeds or is hypo-allergenic. It would just be so luxurious, and besides, I am in desperate need of a new pillow.

It’s incredible how time changes a person, and how simple things like new pillows and yarn become to peak of luxury. I’m glad for it.

I’m off to spend a day in the stacks. I am so excited!


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