Another day, another beret.


While the image above isn’t the most flattering, or properly composed, or pretty, even, it is the best that I could do for today. I’ve spent the past five days doing little else besides knitting and studying (much more of the former, unfortunately), and have come down with some sort of cold. My body is all sorts of achey, I’ve had persistent headaches, and my glands are tender (cute, huh?). Despite all of these physical frustrations, I’ve managed to complete half of my midterms/assignments for the halfway point of this semester, and have my final midterm tomorrow. I’m incredibly nervous, as I’ve struggled with this class since the beginning, but hope that all my hard work will pay off tomorrow. If not, then at least I have a cute new hat. And so goes the pattern of my life.

But really, I’m very content with my new little tweedy beret. The yarn had been sitting in the cupboard for upwards of six months, originally intended for a shawl. While doing a minor bit of spring cleaning (by this I just mean that I traveled through the yarn bins to save myself a trip to the store) I felt the same pinch of love that had initially drawn me to it and decided to either sell it, or put it to good use. And because I’m too lazy to arrange a way of parting with it, I just quickly knit it up. The actual knitting was lovely, pleasant, rhythmic, and almost meditative; the finished product, however, looks anything but. This is the kind of knitting I enjoy most: the simple yet stunning. And although this was initially just an attempt at slowly emptying out the yarn bins, it was a great success and I am enamored with the new chapeau I get to wear as I galavant around Boston. Or, for the next few days at least, wear while cuddled up on the couch with books in hand, drinking copious amounts of tea.

I depart for New York in just a few days, and I am positively itching to get home. Between mom’s cooking, the smell of ocean air, the promise of warmer climes, and the abundance of museums to visit, I am very ready to leave Boston right now.


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