Sometimes you just have to.

Although not yet past 50 degress, today feels like as much of a spring day as Boston has experienced all year. The sun is shining for the most part, and the air smells crisp and clean. Of course, as per usual, I have a lot of school work to do…on-line lectures to watch, reading to do, papers to write…but I just cannot muster up the effort with which to complete all of it.

So, despite how badly I need to finish things, I know that I’ll end up miserable and am just going to give myself a few hours of procrastination before hunkering down. I’m a responsible person for the most part, and I’m never really hard on myself about sticking to deadlines (it always, somehow, ends up getting done), but today I think I just need to do whatever I feel compelled to do.

In this case, I just want to tidy up the entire apartment, blast Yo La Tengo and Mirah all day, drink some chai, get a nice bouquet of fragrant flowers, read for pleasure, and maybe knit for half an hour. I bet after even an hour of relaxation, I’ll be bored and will settle down with work. But until then, I’ll be submitting to what’s distracting me right now. Get it out of my system.


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