Child’s French Sock, and a light at the end of the tunnel.


img_41121I think that yesterday I may have had a minor anxiety attack. I needed to come to grips with things, academically and otherwise. I spent the entire day inside, while outside Boston was completely beautiful (albeit a little on the hot side). It was a good counter to Saturday, when Scott and I walked about 8 miles in the heat. My legs got to rest. I got to think. And ultimately, everything will be okay. I have about three weeks of stress and minor hell ahead of me, but then it will be done and I can travel between Hilton Head and home. And life will be good, and I will be reading books and knitting on the beach. Hallelujah.

img_4111These are my new favorite socks in the whole world. Knitting them was completely fun—the pattern was very easily memorized and intuitive, and before long my fingers were just flying away on their own. The yarn is absolutely heavenly (Panda Silk Bamboo) and the highly textural pattern paired with the yarn resulted in a sock that is completely light and airy, perfectly stretchy, and super comfortable. The color isn’t necessarily my usual taste: I usually prefer more saturated, richly-hued colors, and the yarn isn’t as rustic as I usually like. But something about these is just so special and refined and feminine, and I feel some bizarre connection to the past while wearing them.

I’m completely smitten and plan to knit the pattern over and over in different textures/colors, and probably will make an identical pair to these, because apparently I’m crazy. But I guess, if anything, crazy in love.

(Geez, is it apparent that I need a vacation or what? In love with socks? Oh boy…)


2 thoughts on “Child’s French Sock, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Hey! I found you on the 20 spot something blog posting forum. 🙂 I like your socks. Currently, I’m a sweater knitter but one day it would be
    interesting to learn how to do socks too.

    How long does the average pair of socks take to make?

    1. It typically takes me between 1-2 weeks to complete a pair of socks, depending on how much time I’m devoting to knitting them in a given week (and how many projects I’m juggling alongside them!). In the past month, I’ve completed three pairs of socks, though, making them a great summer project to squirrel away for the cold winter months to come!

      You should definitely try it, though–they’re very addicting!

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