Stressed because of: a ten page paper due Thursday; work every day until Sunday (greatly diminishing school work opportunities); two finals next week; the culmination of a semester-long project due next week; not having proper transportation plans for future vacation; over-tiredness.

De-stressing by: thinking about watching Serenity tonight to wrap up a few weeks worth of Firefly episodes; finishing up a pair of Latvian mittens; spending hours in the library; reading The Corrections for a few minutes every night before bed; thinking about going to Hilton Head next week for a few days of sunshine, sand, and surf.

I’m in a state of hybridity right now, fluctuating between extreme tension/anxiety (replete with extreme heartburn), and almost meditative bliss. It’s difficult to imagine that in only a week I’ll be a completely different version of myself, one that is completely calm, free, and content. A month of nothing will eventually give way to some rather difficult summer courses, but in that interim, I plan on spending as much time as possible with a book in my hand, traveling to and from all the wonderful little treasures of towns that New England has to offer (checking some things off of the to-do list), and hopefully getting home for an extended stay (including copious amounts of beach time, trips to Marvel for shakes, and bicycle rides on the boardwalk). Perhaps the notion of all of these wonderful things ahead is what has sustained me and allowed me the few minutes of peace here and there. Whatever the case, I cannot wait for next Wednesday to be over with!


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