I am SO excited!

Yes. I am also wholly stressed about school right now, but last night I turned in a final paper and successfully (well, we’ll see about that)completed one class, meaning that I only have three more to go. And with each day of next week, one more will be under my belt until I’m magically on a plane (that’ll be a riot!) and on my way to a week long retreat which will hopefully afford me a much-needed tan. Just thinking about the opportunity to lie on the beach with a book in hand and listen to the crashing of the waves is making me jump out of my skin. I know that I could likely do the same exact thing if I were home, and both places would allow for plenty of bicycle riding, but one of those places isn’t riddled with people I went to high school with, which is definitely something I look forward to when donning a bathing suit. Anonymity in South Carolina. Hurrah!


But even moreso than the excitement surrounding the vacation—if it is even possible to be more excited about something right now!—is what waits for me when I get back home: an entire month of little responsibility. Sure, I’ll have to work, but I love my job. I love the people I get to hang out with at work (and will sadly miss my knit night while I’m away). I’ll get to walk around the city with Scott taking pictures and fleeing for weekend trips all over New England. I’ll get to dive into those concentration-oriented projects I’ve been avoiding all semester in lieu of mindless ones. Perhaps I’ll finally get to read Ulysses or Anna Karenina or both! All right, I’m getting too ambitious here…but seriously, a month of freedom! Of doing everything that I want without worrying about looming deadlines or reading arduous criticisms of art–I cannot wait!


…in other news, I have an entire weekend of work and studying ahead of me. Consider the bubble officially burst.


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