Sweetness amidst the chaos.

Since Scott  graduated college a couple of weeks ago, our schedules have shifted dramatically. Where I would typically loll in bed for hours after he had left the house (he leaving for class around 8 a.m., and I on a decidedly nocturnal schedule), he now warms himself between the sheets while I slog through my morning routine before work. I thought, all along, that he was a heavy sleeper come daylight, that he effortlessly rested through my attempts at silently navigating through the apartment (I, on the other hand, would toss and turn with every close of a closet door or opening of the refrigerator).

So it was much to my surprise this morning when I noticed that he carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated trinkets for me to find (last night, as I went to bed early [like a grandma]) as I went through my routine. Knowing that I visit the refrigerator after bathing, he left me waxed paper parcels stuffed with ‘sweet and savory treats…mostly sweet.’ When I opened my computer (my next stop after breakfast—he knew by the defective hum that it typically emits every morning) to check my e-mail and Ravelry, he had left open a giant TextEdit file with a kind note saying something along the lines of “I thought you would see this and wanted to let you know that there was food for you in the refrigerator. I could only find yarn to tie the bags with, but I figure that once you eat what’s inside we can just spit-splice the yarn back together and I can finish knitting you your headband. I love you, have a good day at work!”

Picture 1 08-39-49

A boyfriend who understands my cravings (almost always sweet over savory), who knows that refrigerators take priority over most things in the processing of a routine, who makes me peanut butter and jelly on a TOASTED english muffin, and who knows which kinds of yarn can be spit-spliced together AND subsequently be used to knit me a headband (because, yes, this is one of his goals, and my failed attempt at seducing him into avid knitter-ship) is definitely someone to be cherished. And cherish him, I do.

Of course, this whole move on his part could be entirely chalked up to the fact that he got a new fancypants camera and wanted to see what the light inside of the fridge looked like at 2:30 a.m. But I’d like to think that he sincerely wanted to put a smile on my face at a very stressful time in my semester. And for that, I am infinitely happy and grateful and lucky.


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