End of semester insanity.

I am having a very difficult time right now keeping my eye on the prize. A very arduous, tedious semester wraps up in just three days, and I cannot focus for the life of me. Instead, I’m anxious now (coming off of the previous vacation excitement) about having to take off and land a total of four times (versus twice) because of connecting flights. Those odds don’t make a flight-fearful person like me very happy.

But, I’m also really obsessed with getting a haircut right now? As in, I might waltz into the bathroom in a few minutes and hack off several inches of hair? The same hair that I’ve been desperately trying to grow out for quite some time now? That’s making me endlessly question myself? Okay, that got annoying fast. But seriously, this has pecked at me all.day.

I’ve also been spending lots more time in the kitchen whipping up some fancy, ridiculously delicious meals, like the most amazing chicken piccata last night, and a breakfast risotto for tomorrow (with spicy chicken sausage, oodles of pecorino romano, and spiked with sherry). This does not bode well with studying. Or with keeping trim so as to squeeze into a bathing suit come Friday.

I’ve been  on a laundry kick lately. Did a million loads over the last few days. Am currently washing  a dry clean only comforter and hoping for the best.

Worked outside today. Well, not real work. (Wo)Manned a booth for my boss (yesterday, too) and basically sat freezing my buns off for (practically) no good reason. Not even promo. I’m beginning to think that I might be coming down with something. I’ve been sneezing incessantly.

I keep repeating to myself, “This too shall pass.” The craze that comes around this time of the year, the stress, the frantic thoughts.


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