Tomorrow I take the last final exam of what shaped up to be a hellish semester. I got that haircut today (and it was wonderful! I feel so pampered! It only took me about a year to sit down in a salon!). I’ve come to the realization that I have to get on a plane much sooner than I’m anticipating. And then I thought, while I’m enjoying that week on the beach (of course, if it doesn’t rain all week), I’ll be away from everything. Ahh, bliss. But. Oh? What is that? Beaches don’t have internet? And no internet means…no…no Ravelry? For a whole week?

Now, this is pretty awful to admit. I hate being addicted to my computer, attached to it. But so help me, I check Ravelry like, hourly sometimes. I need my little fix. I need to see beautiful knits, see what my buddies are up to, lurk around some of the boards where heated debates abound. And then…for a whole week, none of this? Oh, my.

I’m trying to be okay with this, but I think I’m going to have major knitterly withdrawal.

Do I have time to get an iPhone, a Crackberry with internet capabilities so I can surf the web while watching the surf on the beach?

Or have I really just lost it, a fit of mania induced by too much studying? The world will never know.  (Or, they’ll know in about a week, after an internet absence!)


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