IMG_4643Life has been really wonderful lately. I’ve spent a great portion of my days as of late in a state of contentedness, calm, and, refreshingly, activity. Because of my affinity for sedentary activities (knitting, embroidery, reading, quilting, etc.), I told myself that for every hour of rest there should be an equal hour of activity, of motion and vigor. And so, to combat the amount of time spent on the couch working on my new sweater (more to come on that joyous bundle of yarn), Scott and I decided to pull all of the weeds in the backyard and take very long walks through the city. The walking? Easy. But the weeding? I am more sore now than I’ve ever been, and feel muscles in my legs that I didn’t know existed. Overall, though, it feels wonderful, and I feel light and healthy.


The slow, somewhat confusing transition to summer in Boston has come with the opening of the farmer’s market for the season, and it has been an absolute joy to make the weekly trip to Copley Square to ogle the fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and gorgeous arrays of flowers. Our first trip found us in a rather cash-strapped position, but we managed to come home with some local goat cheese (in an olive and herbes de provence marinade) and a fragrant sprig of oregano. We promptly got chopping away with it and made some delicious bread–the recipe came from the Pioneer Woman site. It was absolutely delicious, so simple to make (the rising time is between 1-4 hours, unlike our usual overnight bread recipe), and so fun—Scott and I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen together kneading away at the bread, then subsequently watching the magic of rising yeast, kneading the bread again, and periodically checking on it in the oven. Based on the amount of the oregano we used, and the ingredients we already had on hand, the bread only cost us about 25 cents to make. This makes me incredibly happy.


Although the weather has taken an unfortunate turn and slipped into soggy, gray territory, we have a lot of excitement ahead of us: a trip to New York this weekend, complete with a Brooklyn Brewery tour, visits with old friends, visits with transplanted Boston friends, and, I’m sure, a visit to a yarn store (or two). I have many words to share about the MIT Museum, which we visited a few days ago, but I’ll save that for another day; I’ve already written my novella right here. I also have much to say about last night, spent at trivia night with boyfriend’s dad, but that is also another story for another day. Off to tidy up the house before leaving, and watch a documentary on the Russian Hermitage Museum!


3 thoughts on “Slowness.

  1. That bread looks SO DELICIOUS! I love making my own bread. My sister in law taught me how to make tasty beer bread. I haven’t made anything other than that, but I think I’ll have to find that recipe you used. xD

    1. It was AMAZING. I’ve made it since, substituting dried rosemary for the fresh oregano, and it was even better. I drizzled some thyme-infused honey no top of it, and it was pretty much as close to heaven as food can come. I highly recommend making some—it is too easy not to!

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