A Yarn Tree? What an idea…


Going home was such a joy. I embrace any opportunity to spend days on end with my family, as they always bring lots of laughter, comfort, and, of course, food. Over the course of the last six months, when the weather kept us from partaking in any sort of outdoor activity, we spent a lot of time in the house, eating excessively, watching too many movies, and generally just being sloth-like. Although we did have some drizzly days this past weekend, we were also graced with bursts of sunshine that allowed for bicycle rides on the boardwalk and walks around Brooklyn, things I was very happy to do.

It seems as if the moment we landed in Long Beach, we turned right around and headed back up north. We met up with friends from Boston for a day in Williamsburg to tour the Brooklyn Brewery. Scott and I made the hapless mistake of heading there with only toast in our respective tummies, which led to a strong, heady buzz very early in the day. It was entirely worth it, though—we got to sample some local brews that are only sold to local restaurants in Brooklyn, including an Indian spiced pale ale with white pepper, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, and chilies. It was light and spicy, and was as close to chai as a beer could possibly get. Needless to say, I loved it.


a happy (and buzzed) little beer drinker

We progressed from the brewery to a bar, in the rain, and found ourselves tumbling into Barcade with sopping pant legs. The warehouse space was outfitted with a wall of taps spouting local brews, and an opposing wall lined with vintage arcade games. I abstained from beer there, and instead lost a few rounds of Ms. Pacman and Tetris.


Ultimately, however, the day had very little to do with beer (although we did plan the trip around that purpose), and very much to do with seeing our friends. They left Boston for New Jersey for the summer, with plans to move to California. They’re part of a trifecta of couples we belong to who have spent a lot of time together over the last three and a half years. The other couple is on their way to moving to California right now, so Scott and I were heartbroken to see everyone move away. But a recent job opportunity has kept them in New England, so I am beyond thrilled to have more time with them. We got to see everyone last night, and it felt like a family reunion of sorts. I was elated to be with everyone.

The rest of my time home was spent on my bicycle, pedaling through my hometown with my love by my side, breathing salty air and feeling the dampness of the ocean on everything I touched. There was, of course, some yarn to be had; this is, after all, a blog primarily concerned with knitting and crafts, lest anyone forget with all my tangents and side stories. Some lovely hand-dyed sock yarn, procured from the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn. The lovely women there gave me a drop-spindle tutorial while I was in the shop, and I had to exercise serious restraint when they took me into the fiber room. I really don’t need another hobby. I really don’t need another stash. But I think that Scott may have seen the wideness of my eyes, the excitement in my being, and think he may realize that my birthday is only two weeks away, and making yarn is certainly more exciting than buying it, and that locally-sourced wool handspun into yarn by me, an American, makes it an American-made product (part of our buying guidelines), and see, I’m already making excuses and justifying the new addiction that may fall into my lap…

July might be a month for learning to spin.


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