True to form.


I took this picture just a month ago. It was one of the loveliest days that Massachusetts has seen this year, and Scott and I trekked out so I could annoy him by stopping every ten to fifteen feet to take pictures of flowers. But I was so excited with all of the plump, blowsy blooms springing up all over the city. That little bit of nature and color bursting from behind black iron grates made me crazy. I thought it was a forecast of a beautiful summer to come, of many days spent strolling through the streets, observing the historical architecture and watching bumblebees land on petals.

As any New Englander knows, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It feels like we’ve been perpetually damp for the last month, with constant rain, drizzle, and, recently, thunder storms. I’ve been pretty down about it. The commute to and from school has been annoying at best. It feels like we just can’t pull out of this rut, and it’s awful—all I want to do is ride my bike around Boston and go to the Arboretum, and visit Franklin Park, which I’ve never been to (!). But last night, at about 4 a.m., something changed. I woke up to the loudest thunder I had ever heard in my life (it really felt like it was on top of us, it shook the whole building), and watched as our apartment was illuminated and pulsing white. The most brilliant lightning show lit up the sky and continued to drum with rolling thunder, shaking us up a bit, and forcing Scott and I to cuddle up tighter and listen to the chaos amidst the silence. At that time of the morning, there aren’t cars on our typically busy street, so all we heard was the rain and the beats in the sky. So to listen to it, to really enjoy it (despite the sleep deprivation), was actually a joy.

And it made me think—maybe the earth needed this. Maybe the rain will do everything good. It has certainly given us a break from putting in our air conditioner, and it has allowed us to spend more time than usual inside enjoying each other’s company. We’ve played games, tore through several books (there’s nothing like a bad storm to make you do your homework!), and certainly haven’t missed out on any fun. I’d say that, maybe it isn’t too bad. And maybe we can make it a little longer.

Of course, I would love some sunshine this weekend for the fourth. We’ll be in Northhampton, hitting up WEBS, little bookstores, state parks, Mass MOCA, and bird observatories. Here’s hoping that the clouds will part for a little while, and grant all the very patient people up here in the northeast the little, tiny bit of sunshine they deserve this weekend.


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