Mansards and dentils and quoins, oh my!


I recently took a self-guided tour of the Back Bay/Beacon Hill area with Scott for an architectural history course, and the day found us strolling through some of the most beautiful, historic streets of Boston. It really reinforced my studies to be able to teach Scott about what he was looking at, and he is a very quick study. The boy is an electrical engineer, but, I swear, his limited knowledge of art, art history, and architectural history trumps what some of my peers are capable of. He knows his column orders, can identify buildings by architect, and, most remarkably, can identify Impressionist watercolors by artist. That is no easy feat to the untrained eye. I’m proud of him. And am working my butt off to understand when he discusses his world with me—what was once confusing and confounding is now normal; watts, nanobatteries, and oscilloscopes are all within my comfort range.


Lately life has been full and busy, but wonderful: I’ve been studying my architectural history, reading Neuromancer by William Gibson (a departure for me, but I’m really liking it so far) for school, playing tennis (which actually consists of chasing the ball around the court every time I miss it, but this has proved a successful way of not actually going for a run and still getting a workout), riding my bicycle around the city (and getting told by awful Massholes that I should “go on the sidewalk where I belong”), and doing very little knitting. School has been overwhelming this summer and I’m really looking forward to it being over, with my GPA hopefully intact. Off to do some research and write a paper—the work never ends!


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