Sorting, finishing, evaluating.


You would think that, given two whole weeks of vacation, I would have gotten a lot of knitting done. But, considering that the first week was spent in a cabin where moths gathered nightly to flutter arounds lamps, window screens, and sources of warm exhaled breath (read: humans), I dared not pull out any wool. Once home in Long Beach, I was far too inclined to ride my bicycle on the boardwalk, be generally active, and lounge on the beach, where I wouldn’t dare to infuse my yarn with millions of grains of sand. During the course of those two weeks, all I managed to come home with were two single socks.

I can’t say that I don’t like them—they were perfect for the few moments that I stole away in ‘safe’ knitting zones (on the edge of the lake, for example, where lots of insects gathered, but luckily, no moths). As I knit away on their partners now, I’m evaluating my yarn stash. It grew slightly, because of new yarn stores visited; all of them were great, and I’ll talk more about them later. In looking at my stash, I’m designating projects for each ball of yarn and tucking slips of paper into the individual Ziplocs so that as I pick up a beautiful little gem, I’ll know exactly what to do with it. And because of the inspiration, productivity, and motivation that this process stirs up, I’m extending the sentiment to all reaches of my apartment. Daunting? Yes. But we’re cleaning, de-cluttering, and overall tidying up this little place where we live. And with the beginning of a new semester under way, it could not come at a better time.


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