Much of today was spent shoulder-to-shoulder on the couch with my love while we both struggled through assignments. This semester is going to be a demanding one. Mine is, sadly, full of math—something so foreign and bizarre to me, after a six-year vacation from it. My mind is meant to muse on the arts, and by now (you know, after way too many years as an undergrad) I’m capable of crafting articulate, insightful papers on the topic. But throw numbers at me, and I am lost. Things don’t click, and it feels like someone is taking a cheese grater to my brain and grating out the smart. It’s an awful feeling. But I will power through, and hopefully emerge triumphant, with my GPA somewhat intact. I would like to go to grad school, eventually.

I will say, though, that after my super motivating blog post yesterday, I got to it.  I couldn’t allow myself to just talk the talk. I tended to some much needed maintenance around the apartment and became the best girlfriend ever when I gave up my knitting ‘workshop’ to Scott so he could expand his lab space. What looked very innocent and kind on my part was actually a ploy to get my tools into the room with the most natural light…and also get rid of a terrible eyesore of a couch that Scott brought into the apartment. So everything was very win-win, and now the apartment is prettier and more conducive to creativity for both of us. And it is clean.

It has felt like I’ve had an IV drip of tea going today; one of my favorite things about weekends. Especially a weekend without something to do: after such a busy summer, I love the opportunity to just mill around the house. Today was grey and rainy, so it was the perfect day to sip on chamomile and finish up a book club read that I’m, surprisingly, loving.

Cheers to weekends—I hope everyone is having a wonderful one!

*that picture is a remnant of summer vacation, an arachnid friend found on the inside of the parent’s car. I liked him.


2 thoughts on “weekending.

  1. I do know that “grating out the smart” feeling, and it’s no fun! A constant tea infusion + book sounds like a lovely way to spend a rainy day.

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