This week I’ve had a fairly large amount of reading and work to do, which has left me little time to blog. Luckily, I’m taking one of my courses online, which means that for the entire duration of the two-hour lecture I can knit, while on my couch, in my pajamas. It’s the perfect way of learning for those who have social anxiety, a proclivity to wearing loungewear, and large piles of unfinished knits. Very win-win.

Despite the recent busy-ness, I’ve been obsessed with a few things as of late, and thought I would pen them down for the sake of getting them out of my head, as well as to share them with others because they’re all simply wonderful:

-Frank O’Hara. I recently picked up my copy of Poems Retrieved after a long break from reading poetry, and am takingmy time working through it, really enjoying his words, visuals, and atmospheres. This is one of my favorites.

-Brown butter. In sweets, on fish, however you please—there is something magical and slightly reminiscent of  alchemy when bubbling butter on the stove until it’s molten and turning shades of brown. And it tastes incredible.

-Michelle Williams. I’m not the type to fawn over celebrities—less so to admit to it—but after watching Me Without You and Wendy and Lucy, there is no denying her prowess as an actress. I love her paraphrasing Gloria Steinem. What a beautiful, perfect, feminist quote.

Land art. I really have no words. I am so swept up in the beauty of it, the culling of natural resources into art, and the unique concepts and motivations of the artists. If you’ve never seen Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, or Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, or any of Richard Long’s walks, then it is of immediate personal interest that you seek them out. Wikipedia is only a starting place; I highly recommend following the resources to incredibly rich, interesting books. I glossed over them while learning about them for a class, and am finding myself crawling back to them as a source of comfort and inspiration.

I have to get back to reading about Hinduism, but know that my mind will keep floating back to what it is really concerned with right now: beauty, flavor, feminism, nature, and the persistence of art.


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