a jaunt to the orchard.


One of the loveliest things about living in New England is that fall seems to come a bit prematurely here, that our trees are crisped by cool air before the rest of the country. Autumn is my favorite season, so it is needless to say that I revel in any and all things related to brisk air, orange leaves, and gastronomic pleasures only properly enjoyed once the scarves are pulled out for the season. Give me my cinnamon, my cloves, my star anise, my nutmeg, and my Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, and I will be a very, very happy girl!


In an effort to combat my hermitic tendencies, I planned a trip to a local orchard with our closest couple-friends. Since the boys planned to brew some beer, we ladies planned to bake apple pie and saute salmon with fresh peaches. The meal was mind-blowingly delicious, as one would expect from ingredients plucked that very day directly from the trees.


One of my favorite parts of the day was sourcing our food; it was a very collaborative effort. It involved piling on top of one another to reach the most bounteous branches, and handing down fistfuls of fresh, sun-ripened apples. They were then tossed to the man behind the lens.


There are lots of times when I cling to my couch, huddled beneath my piles of blankets with a book or knitting in hand, and feel like I’m missing out. Like I’m holding myself back from experiencing life. But it is all too easy to just stay there and avoid the anxiety of picking up the phone. I’m really, really happy that I broke away from that, because one of the best feelings in the world is spending a day outside with friends, laughing at your clumsy attempts at apple picking, and coming home with a full harvest of fruit. For the next week, as I plow my way through almost 30 apples, I will constantly be reminded of the ease and comfort of friendship, and the humble pleasures of nature. With each and every bite.


2 thoughts on “a jaunt to the orchard.

  1. sounds like you had a wonderful day. autumn is my favourite too, although some day i will have to check out a real new england fall. i too am plowing my way through apples, and enjoying finding savoury recipes for them instead of just the standard sweet ones.

    1. I absolutely LOVE roasting pork tenderloin in the oven with very thinly sliced apples and onions, and spiking the entire thing with whole cloves. I imagine that it would also be very good with lamb. That is, if you eat meat.

      Also, I wonder if you can use applesauce as a replacement for oil in certain bread recipes that aren’t sweet—off to research, and will report back.

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