knee socks.


Before I gush with profuse love for the feel of these socks and the texture of these socks and the height of these socks, let me make brief note of my distaste for their aesthetics.

It isn’t that they’re that bad. They’re not. They’re perfectly reasonable, robust-looking, colorful socks. Cheery, even. I heard the siren song of the lonely skein while visiting The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn after a brewery tour, and call it a bout of drunken-yarn- buying, but I was seriously misled by the lusciousness of the colors in the skein. In the shop, they looked very muted, reminiscent of autumn leaves—which you faithful readers will know I have quite the affinity for—and were not so primary. I love, loave, luff color in all of its forms, however, I am not keen on wearing primary colors. Not even on my feet. And these, when knit up, screamed nothing to me but crayon boxes and traffic signs and Legos. Nothing like the sophisticated blend of colors I was hoping would peek out of the tops of my boots.

All of that being said, I am rather fond of these socks. The yardage on the yarn was plentiful and allowed for socks that stopped just an inch before my knee caps. This made for an extreme cozy-factor, as all of my lower leg will be accounted for in the warmth department and I will not be daunted by the impetuous advances of a New England winter. The fact that I knit them toe-up meant that I had only inches to spare at the end, and thus they did not contribute to the growing piles of sock scraps that are overburdening my limited storage space.

But most importantly: TENCEL. This glorious fiber kept incredibly cool during the heat of summer, and was so soft and fluid,  flowing through my fingers like languid linguini (or angel hair? This was fingering weight, after all). They’ve maintained, after a handful of wears, a beautiful drape, yet they somehow manage to cling to my leg without becoming baggy. Something is magical in this Tencel stuff. They feel so good, like liquid wool on my skin. It’s very difficult for me to articulate the feeling, but someday, I promise I will. Somehow. I pledge to knit with it again, if I have the opportunity.

Next time, however, I’ll be much more careful in choosing my colors.


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