Fall has definitely fallen upon us, here in Boston.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now—a lot of pots on the stove, as it were—and it is all coalescing into one big, major thing. I can’t exactly put my finger on an exact word (you know, something better or more concise than ‘thing’), but essentially, I have all of these very disparate projects I’m working on, and they’re all just melding together. It’s quite odd. When things like that happen, however, it feels very serendipitous, and can make a girl feel like everything she has been working towards has been inherently right all along, that everything is for a reason, and that her worries should have already floated on out the window. So, off with it already. Time to take a walk in the sunshine and forget about Euclid’s algorithm for a few hours.

I know that this all sounds very clandestine, but once I have physical things to show you, my excitement can finally come forward and hopefully you can revel in it with me. Unless, of course, it doesn’t work. You can research things all you want to, but there exists a level of artistry that cannot be taught in books, only in practice. And that practice will be this weekend. I cannot believe how close it is, that I get to begin a new chapter of life!

Enough toying. I feel like one of those girls in elementary school that has a very big piece of gossip resting on her shoulder that she’s just dying to tell everyone, but can’t, for fear that she’ll lose her best friend. It isn’t quite like that, but…well, sometimes surprises really are the best!

So, until then, I’ll hopefully block some knits as a method of distraction. I have a sweater, three shawls, and some socks that I’ve never shown you or spoken about, and it’s high time they had their respective moments in the spotlight.

I hope everyone is well on this sunny Monday!


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