A portrait of Wednesday.


I will spent most of my time today on the couch. It’s nice, for the most part; I have to study German for an exam next week, and can work on my sock intermittently. My yarn—“candy corn”—is a bit more variegated than I would have preferred, but due to the nature of the dye process I used, is to be expected. I don’t think it’s too bad, and I’m very happy that all three shades of orange are displaying in the knitting. I was very worried that the yarn would ultimately blur to a peach shade. Since that is not happening, I should stop stressing over variegation!

But back to my point, about being stuck on the couch: I want to go outside! Boston has been frigid lately (which does, indeed, fare well with being a collector of woolly things, but does not fare as well for those living, ahem, without heat), and seeing as it is not snowing today and is in fact sunny and warm, I want nothing more than to take long walks outside. Perhaps I’ll try and work one into my day. It would be a shame to miss out.

While digging through my yarn bins looking for skeins to re-purpose for Christmas gifts, I stumbled upon a lovely mostly-finished embroidered pillowcase I started two years ago. I instantly forgot about it once bicycle grease accidentally (and quite magically) smudged itself onto part of the fabric. I still don’t know what to do about that—by now, the stain is permanent.


The bird needs its own little french knot eye, and it will be complete. Perhaps I’ll just frame the whole thing in an oblong embroidery hoop and call it a day? Or cut off the bottom portion of the pillow and sew it onto a patterned pillowcase? The colors and theme aren’t very much my style anymore, but seeing as I still have the template, I could whip another one up in some autumnal colors…

…embroidery is a lot faster than knitting, you know.


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