The finer things in life.

Today, that phrase translates to:

Photo 69

-It’s cold again in Massachusetts! After a brief little ‘heat’ wave, we’re back to having to bundle up in our cozy (read: small) apartment. This puts my knits to great use, and makes me feel like my hobby actually contributes to our quality of living.

-Steaming cups of tea sipped on whilst wrapped up in flannel sheets. Yesssssss.

-Chugging away on Christmas knitting! I understand that I am by no means getting a leg up on the season, as I could have started this, you know, a year ago, but working on things before December counts as productive and forward-thinking for me.

-President Obama is at MIT discussing clean energy! Renewable resources! Proclaiming his love for science! I don’t know if the news is showing this speech everywhere, but I’m glad that proximity allows me to be watching this right now. A topic close to my heart, celebrated by a man I adore, puts me in a very happy place.

So, today should shape up to be a wonderful day. I have a trip to the library planned to visit my love, whose graduate studies have successfully stolen him from me. Luckily, he’s working on the exact sort of necessary technologies and energies that Obama is discussing right now, so I can pardon his long absences and inability to spend lots of time with me. It’s pretty awesome living with a scientist. He’s made some incredible inventions in our time together, but I’m most impressed with the PVC niddy-noddy he built with my father.

Ahhh, life. 🙂


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