To do.

I have always been a very avid list-maker. There’s something so satisfying about drawing up a collection of things to accomplish and actually getting the chance to cross them out in thick, bold lines. And there’s a certain sense of accountability; I feel like once something is in writing, I’m more apt to do it.

So, in the spirit of actually getting things done, I drew up a quick and dirty  ‘life to-do list,’ which can be found on an additional page, right below my blog banner. I’m sure that as I think of more, the list will grow, but I’m hoping that putting the list up on the internet will hold me even more accountable: with people reading it, and witnessing what I’ve tried to commit myself to, I’ll have more of a reason to finish things. Because, you know, nobody wants to look like a big, lazy slacker on the internet, right?

Right. So here’s to delineating what you want, and taking the necessary actions to pursue it.


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