Introducing Lauren.


It’s about time that I had a photograph of an FO around here!


I knit and finished Lauren in June (yes, five months ago) using Cascade 220 Heathers and my trusty size 8 bamboo circulars. It was my first top-down raglan, and I was completely amazed by the fact that I could try on my work as I knit. And while I love the outcome—it was quick and easy to knit, and is very cozy—there are definitely things I learned that I would do differently next time.


For starters, I would have done just one more raglan increase. The sweater fits fine, but a recent swell in my bust-line (that I thought, hoped, and prayed would go away–and has not) has meant that the buttonband that should not pucker does. It isn’t a huge problem, but I’ve just been lazy about getting snaps or hook and eye closures and really need to. In certain regards I strayed from the pattern, to good effect: I swapped out the ribbing at the neck, hem, and inner buttonband for a garter slip-stitch edging, and I think it looks a bit more visually interesting and lends a bit of texture. If anything, it’s less expected than a ribbing, which I like (and this wasn’t an original idea; several other Ravelers have done so). But I did adhere to the pattern a bit too closely in regards to the placement of buttons, because I really should have added one more at the bottom. Again–snap needed. And I would have liked a bit more length. But! I do really like it, and it is no fault of the pattern!



This photo does a better job of illustrating my buttonband woes. See there, at the bottom? Yeah. I’m very happy with Lauren, however, so much so that I plan on knitting two more: one in some Malabrigo from a project I’ve frogged, which will go to my mother, and one in some more Cascade 220 Heathers from another frogged project. Due to the relative speed and ease of this project, it makes a great go-to for getting rid of not-quite sweater quantities of yarn—after all, it only took 3.5 skeins! I might play around a bit next time with a different cable, swapping out for a different edging again, and trying either long sleeves or perhaps a more A-line shape for the body. The raglan pattern lends itself rather well to modifications like that.


Off to knit some lace, and hope that it will be finished (and blogged) shortly.


11 thoughts on “Introducing Lauren.

  1. this is one of the nicest Lauren FOs i’ve seen — love the color and the contrast of those buttons! i see what you mean about the button band, but this is stunning (and stunning on you!) all the same.

    1. Thanks so much! It really was a delight to knit and I’m so glad I did it. Also, thanks on the to-do list! I’m trying really hard to adhere to it and let it govern me during times of sloth and lack of motivation. It’s kind of working!

  2. looks really nice – i like the colour. hope you figure out your buttonband issues – i think mostly it looks good but an extra button at the bottom would definitely help.

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