Colors and thanks.



I’d like to start by sending out a warm thank you to those of you who commented, sent messages, and shared kind words about my Lauren. It was the bright spot of my day yesterday, and made me feel a lot better about a sweater that I thought wasn’t ‘perfect enough.’ I tend to be very perfectionist in every aspect of life, and when things don’t go according to plan, I can get irrationally unnerved. So all of the positive thoughts relaxed me quite a bit and brought about a whole new sort of love for my little sweater. So, again, thank you!


Those leaves up there are likely the last vestige of color and foliage that we’ll be seeing in New England for quite a long time; the leaves are streaming down from the trees like rain right now, leaving heaping puddles everywhere. And lest you think the image is unrelated to my post, I’ll have you know that the color up there is very similar to that of my throat right now—I came back from Connecticut this weekend with all sorts of colds and bugs in my system, and am now enjoying my little Ikea couch in Boston, cuddled up under blankets, sipping on hot cinnamon tea, and hoping to feel better soon. The worst part? When I’m sick, I have no motivation to knit, so I can’t even be one of those hyper-productive sick folks who can crank out hats and socks whilst reclining. It’s just awful. Luckily, I do have a loaded Netflix queue, and an abundance of tea leaves, so I’m sure that, somehow, I’ll be coming out of this just fine.


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