Those hurried fingers.

Christmas knitting is in full force in this house. I rushed through my homework this weekend in order to dedicate myself fully to knitting my fingers off, in an effort to leave adequate time to actually photograph my gifts this year before giving them away. I’m fairly on top of things at the moment. Knock on wood.

This poorly-photographed Milkweed shawl (or Buttermilk, as I’ve dubbed it) is (obviously) currently blocking and taking up about half of my living room. More on this when it comes off the towel/needles. There’s a bit of nostalgia wrapped up in this silky little number.

Keeping in line with my theme, another out-of-focus, over-exposed picture! It does, however, illustrate that I am nearly finished with mom’s sweater. Once the shawl comes up off of the much-coveted real estate on the floor, this sweater will receive a quick, light block before I add the seed stitch button and neck bands. It looks very much like a bulky, rumpled mess right now, but I’ve tried it on and am quite pleased with it. I may even have one in mind for myself in an autumnal color of some sort, if I don’t become completely burnt out on knitting by year’s end.

At this point, I wasn’t even trying with the camera; it is gray outside and my hands are shaking from caffeine and I just cannot be bothered with worrying about beautiful, inspiring images. I think that my sense of photography right now very much echoes my sense of urgency with knitting and creating. It must happen rightnow! Twosecondsago! Anyway, enough griping about that…this is a Zetor shawl, knit for my Yiaya out of one of the first yarns I dyed, a beautiful, multi-dimensional red BFL. The base yarn didn’t wear very well for socks, but I think that something a bit more delicate, like lace, will suit the yarn just fine. I sought out a pattern that would basically allow me to knit until I ran out of yarn, and this happily fit the bill. The lace pattern itself is simple but leaves behind a visual punch that I think will please Yiaya’s discerning tastes. I’m sure that, either way, she’ll love it just because I made it, which is always what I hope for.

So, off to continue my knitting! I still have a couple of hats to work up for my dad and brother, and hope to capture all of these knits when completely finished, and hopefully by Scott’s hand. Boy has a way with the camera.

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “Those hurried fingers.

  1. sounds like you are in the midst of holiday crafting mania – quite similar to how i’m feeling! is that your couch in the white and orange? i love it.

    1. yes, mania is a good word for it! my couch is under there somewhere– that orange and white is a lovely duvet cover from ikea that is currently hiding my hideous eggplant/maroon/dusty brown couch! ikea: a treasure trove of inexpensive bed linens and textiles!

  2. That is some very impressive holiday speed knitting! I can’t wait to be done exams so I can get into Christmas craft mode. You have a nice eye for colour – the yarn you dyed is lovely.

    1. i’m afraid that my ‘speed’ is deceptive–i’ve had a good start on the sweater and shawl (started about a month ago?), did a few socks in between, and am now onto the new shawl. my classes have been awful this semester, which has left me with much more crafting time than expected (something that i’ll miss terribly next semester!).

      and thanks so much! i’m very attached to my yarns, and this will be the first time giving one away! luckily, it is for a very grateful, deserving recipient.

  3. Good luck getting all the knitting done on time – it sounds like it’s all under control, I’m very impressed.
    That Zetor pattern is gorgeous and I hadn’t seen it before so thank you for the link. And I really love your Buttermilk – beautiful colour, i’m looking forward to finding out more about that one 🙂

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