Holiday making: an update.

A messy, out-of-focus desk is a perfect summation of what it is to be living in my apartment right now, with the holidays a mere couple of weeks away. I have to admit, I took this picture over the weekend, at night as it was grey during the days, and since then, I’ve been a finishing machine. Mom’s Milkweed shawl is finished and blocked (and will be blogged properly once Scott is available as photographer—later this week!), the hat beneath it is finished, blocked, and dry, same for those socks, and Yiaya’s shawl is another repeat closer to being finished. For the sake of my sanity, however, I had to post another, more recent, progress report for myself so I can know where I am in the grand scheme of things.

  • Mom—Milkweed shawl, VK cropped sweater in Eco Wool.
  • Dad—a hat if time is short; a pullover in Eco Wool if time permits (not going to happen!).
  • Brother—simple ribbed cap in Malabrigo for early morning drives to school.
  • Yiaya—working on the shawl! 2 more body repeats and an edging to go.
  • Grandma—block lace scarf from earlier in the year.
  • Scott’s mom—socks. Orangettes dipped in chocolate.

So while that doesn’t look like much, I think that given the time I’ve allotted for all of these things, I’m doing pretty well. My rough timeline has Yiaya’s shawl done by Sunday, and the hats for the boys can be finished between Monday and Thursday, just in time to block on Christmas day at my house. I’m relatively calm, given that all of this is happening while I finish a huge paper and prepare for my final exams.

Some of the things getting me through all of this relative chaos right now, besides the ultimate gratification of gifting all of these knits, is knowing that in just two weeks, I’ll be home, sleeping in my bed, taking bundled-up walks on the beach with my love, getting to do lots of extra-curricular reading, knitting without deadlines (!), perhaps dyeing a few skeins, and spending lots of time with my family. My time home is rather limited this year, but I plan on making the most of it. Thinking about a four hour drive, and the comforts it will bring.


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