There goes my shot at Miss America!

Among the ‘things I never imagined I would do’: post a picture of my exhausted, make-up-less, overly-academically-worked face on the internet, in such a large format, no less. Had I Photoshop, or any other wonderful image editing software, I would have probably erased some under-eye bags, smoothed some blemishes, and, at the very least, I don’t know…present myself as a person of good hygiene? I’m going to cling to my excuse: that I’ve just finished a rather large paper, have been studying German for days (and feel like I haven’t studied, at all), have been knitting my fingers off, and am generally stressed and grinding my teeth all night and am without sleep. I may, also, be a little bit cranky this time of year. No promises on that one. Talk to me after all of my finals are taken and my knits are all stretched out across the carpet blocking.

But, as per usual, I digress. I came here hoping to find a happy space where I could—yay!—tell everyone about my splendid new hat! After all, it is the reason why I posted such an odd picture up there, and why I will post an ever more horrific one below. Blame it on Scott being away at class, and my having to take pictures by my lonesome. ANYWAY, again…hey, I love this hat! In the midst of all of my holiday knitting, it has been my little bit of sanity. All of that deep ribbing and plentiful stockinette filled the moments when I couldn’t bear to pick up mom’s sweater or a lace shawl and have to think and be conscious of what I was doing. When I grumbled away at books that didn’t help me finish my thesis, I picked it up. When I should have been studying my language more, it was there. And when I found odd, spare moments, like waiting for Scott to finish brushing his teeth so I could hop in and do the same, I’d find myself soaring through a few rows. Without much awareness of what was happening, I actually finished something for me, that will get a lot of use!

Here’s a better picture of the yarn (and the yarn only) that displays its warm, rich colors. The pattern is Sockhead Hat, and the yarn is Wool Candy Meringue Merino Sock. The colorway, Microbrew, was originally created for the Sock Summit earlier this year in Portland. I couldn’t make it, but the moment I saw it, I practically squealed with delight and e-mailed Adrienne asking if she had any leftover. See, originally I intended on using it for Scott. He is a grandmaster of beer, and has educated me in the ways of hops, yeast, and beer-enjoyment. We recently started home-brewing with some friends, and I thought that it would be sweet to make him some socks in beer-colored/inspired yarn to coincide with our venture. But then I thought about the other socks I’ve made him, and how infrequently he wears them. So I knew that it had to be turned into something that we could both use, and a stretchy ribbed cap fit the bill. He’ll likely wear it around the house, while I’ll take it into the world with my serious, puffy winter jacket.

In other news, this should be the last of the amateur photography/glamour shots for a while; as of tomorrow, Scott will be done with his first semester of grad school, and will be employed as my full-time photographer. It’s a wonderful time for it, too—I have a large backlog of knits, holiday and otherwise, that need their moment to shine!


2 thoughts on “There goes my shot at Miss America!

  1. You and your hat are both lovely. Kudos to you for posting your make-up less face, I would be looking absolutely terrible.

    -Clarissa ( cpardonme on ravelry)

    1. Aw, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you kindly. And I’m sure that you wouldn’t look terrible—I think we all get a bit self-conscious with our faces on screen!

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