Holiday housework.

My last holiday crafting post was messy and chaotic, from the blurry image to the hurried, slap-dash writing. I wanted to tidy things up a bit, after putting all of that out there. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a tradition, but before Scott and I leave the apartment for extended periods of time, we always like to pick everything up, get some laundry cleared away, have the sink empty of dishes and the bathroom sparkling. Similarly, I wanted to tidy up my desk (which is actually just a repository for all knitted matter), as well as my blog. I feel like it has been a hectic month around here. And just yesterday, I cast off on my final knitted gift, and called it a day. All of my knitting for Christmas is done, and now I can rest, give my fingers a stretch and knit without deadlines or pressure. Ahhhh.

That was a lot of knitting! All in all, though, nothing took as long as you would expect. I’ve discovered this year that lace is the best of rushed, last-minute knitting because, if you pick a pattern with a full purl row every other row, then you’re actually kind of speeding through a pattern and casting off before you know it. So, from bottom to top, I’ve got a Cropped Jacket for mom, a Milkweed for Yiaya, an Ishbel for mom, a Pinnate scarf for my grandma (I knit it last year, but am gifting now), a Zetor for me, and a pair of simple socks for Scott’s mom. You’ll notice in that line-up that things got rearranged a bit. Milkweed was originally intended for my mom, but when I blocked it, it turned out much larger than I expected. Since she is on the petite side of the height spectrum, I figured it would be smarter to give it to Yiaya, who is slightly more statuesque, and knit mom a smaller shawlette. Within four days, I had an Ishbel, knit out of some of my hand-dyed yarn. I’m relieved and relaxed now that everything is finished and blocked, and cannot wait to gift everything.

I may or may not be back around this space before Christmas; I have a lot of traveling to do within a very short frame of time, and don’t want to be shackled to my computer. I’ll likely be back the week following Christmas with a parade of knits to show you, hopefully modeled by their intended recipients.

Happy holidays to everyone, and see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Holiday housework.

  1. That’s an impressive stack of Christmas knitting! I understand the desire to clean everything up before leaving… it’s so much nicer to come home to a tidy apartment:)

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