This was the best photo I could find to express how I’ve been feeling lately: hazy, out-of-focus, and without much direction or activity.

I am in the midst of a mega slump right now. Winter blues? I don’t know; I normally love the season. I’ve been getting my sunshine. I like the cold and the opportunity to pile on my woolens.

Knitting has been plentiful around here, but nothing is getting done. It’s been a lot of stockinette. I lack enthusiasm for casting on for new things. This is really strange for me.

Does anyone have any tips for mixing it up, breaking out of routine, and getting back crafting mojo? I’m at a loss, and desperately need a change—I feel like I’ve been underwater, holding my breath for a while now.


One thought on “Slump.

  1. i’m not sure if this will help with your craft slump because the circumstances were a little bit different, but i had a hard time knitting and spinning last may after a tough break-up. the best advice i got was to do something for someone else, and working on gift knitting was a way for me to get myself to pick up the needles again. there’s something about making something (something you know they’ll love) for someone (someone who could really use a pick-me-up) that adds motivation/inspiration.

    hope you find your mojo!

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