How I’ve spent the last few weeks:

Organizing my yarn and fabric cubby. It is thoroughly jam-packed now.

Organizing and safeguarding my stash.

Frogging old projects. A lot of frogging lately.

Finishing old projects. Slowly.

Seaming. Preceded by frogging old projects, swatching, and knitting for miles.

February in Boston has been exceptionally dreary for me. For a while there, I truly lost all of my crafting mojo—and a lot of life/social/school mojo, too. These activities  rescued me from total boredom and listlessness, though I really did have to force myself to do them. I’m glad that I did, and will be forcing myself to trudge bravely towards March. For the first time in a long time, I’m very, very eager for spring.


3 thoughts on “How I’ve spent the last few weeks:

  1. there’s something very relieving about that process, isn’t there? i always feel so much better, so much lighter, once the stash is organized, and old works in progress are frogged or finished… it’s a great thing to do during the winter doldrums. onwards towards spring!

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