O, hai!

Well, I certainly didn’t plan on taking such a long absence from blogging.

I had really intended to be a much more prolific poster this year, and regale you with tales about yarn, and projects gone awry, and various fiber-y things. There was even a sidebar in my daily planner devoted to blog topics, things I wanted to discuss and was very enthused about. However, a bit of a conflict arose in my small, insular, microscopic little blogging world: it bubbled over into my private life. There are a few people that I know in the real world who read my blog, and that’s totally fine because they’re my friends, and I intend for them to read it, and this space is just an extension of those friendships. But then people I know in the real world who I am not friends with, people I don’t care to share details of my private life with, well, they began to involve themselves in my affairs. Specifically, several customers of the yarn store where I work. And a lot of anxiety cropped up on my end surrounding this intermingling of the public and private spheres, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t consciously stop blogging because of it, but looking back, I censored myself and the sorts of topics I wanted to discuss, which led to an abandonment of a place I find comforting. I had blissfully and naively run this blog for a long time, forgetting that the internet is indeed a very public place.

But I’m over it now, and will let those select few people continue to sip on their Haterade, and will continue to blog because it makes me happy and maintains a connection, however superficial, with the people I care about.

Moving on to the crafting a better life bit:

Scott kindly took the time to hang some plants throughout the apartment, which adds an air of coziness and cheeriness that I’ve come to love. Looking up at the windows provides an instant decrease in blood pressure. It’s amazing.

And I’ve started a new project. A big one. A long-term kind of deal.

Those mitered squares I’ve so artfully draped over my computer are the beginnings of a massive effort to use up my scraps of fingering-weight yarn (Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket). I’d started a Barn Raising Quilt several months ago, but disliked the way the squares looked, and was NOT looking forward to the epic seaming that would eventually follow. This reduces all seaming, is comprised entirely of the knit stitch, eats up little bits of yarn, and is so easy and soothing. Although this image tells otherwise, I will be weaving in ends as I go. I don’t imagine this being finished any time soon, but I quite like the idea of having this in the basket next to the couch, to be picked up whenever I need a mindless bit of knitting.

In other news, it’s almost 90 degrees in Boston, which is completely absurd. I’m going to take a walk to pick up an art magazine, some berries, and perhaps a gelato, if I’m feeling dangerous. It’s a good day to rise above negativity. I’m happy to be back here.


3 thoughts on “O, hai!

  1. I like the idea of having something there just to pick up as and when, too. Nice to see you blogging! I know how it goes with the subconscious self-censorship. I think sometimes it’s for the best… it’s hard to write when you feel like you’re under a spotlight of sorts; when you’re actively thinking about what your words and pictures might make people think; when you just don’t feel free. Not very many of my real-life friends know about my blog – not because I want to write about them or because I write anything that I would be embarrassed for them to read, but just because it’s my space, and I don’t really know how many of them would ‘get it’. But having the space really is comforting, and I’m glad you have felt able to come back to yours.

    The plants are a great idea. I need plants!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with drama. It’s never fun when you feel like your privacy has been violated — particularly when there’s a good reason to feel that way. I hope things straighten themselves out.

    I can’t wait to see your sock yarn blanket. I have so many sock yarn leftovers, maybe I should start one too.

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