Well, sadly (and obviously) I have not been able to complete Eskimimi’s knit-blogging challenge. I was initially very enthusiastic about the project and carved out ample time in my schedule to devote to it, but the burden of finals fell upon me and has stuck around since. I was really enjoying hanging out with my blog so much! I felt like such a good blogger, and the challenges were great for getting the creative juices flowing. Anyway, I’ll cease my whining now and move forward. I’m still in the thick of finals for a few more days, but am beginning to feel the cool breeze of freedom nipping at the back of my neck. I’ll have an entire month of knitting, reading, blogging, relaxing, stitching, baking, and fully pursuing all of my creative interests! I can’t wait–I may even take a jaunt to the reflecting pool or the banks of the Charles for some plein air knitting. Until then, I wanted to discuss a couple of things that have kept me distracted, that have climbed up high on the covet list this week.

image courtesy of Caitlin Keegan, via Little Paper Planes

As always, the work of Hélène Magnússon. This may be my end-of-semester treat.

MadTosh sock in Bark, photo from Eat.Sleep.Knit. I want to knit this into a Sprössling.

Photo from Baggu. Their reusable grocery bags are in constant rotation in our house and so easy to toss into a bag. I think this would make an excellent knapsack to take to work and fill with my knitting. It may be another treat; I can put my Icelandic knitting book inside and begin my dream blanket!

I’ll be popping in to ogle these for the next few days while I wrap up some lengthy papers and cram for some pretty epic exams. And when I resurface, I will have lots of knitting content to share!


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