Oh my, that’s a lot of fiber.

In our household, one of the things of which we do not speak is a certain yarn diet that has been occurring since the beginning of the year. This particular miss has not really bought any yarn in 2010; the bindings of said diet allow for the occasional single skein if it is absolutely required to finish a project, but otherwise, there has been nothing. It has been strangely liberating, the opportunity (rather, push) to rifle through my stash at 2 a.m. when the inspiration strikes, and unearth some long-forgotten treasure as if on a strange, woolly archaeological dig. For a frugal lady who is easily excited by recycling, it has been wonderful—I’ve knit two full sweaters from stashed yarn, and am working on my third. I’ve knit a bunch of socks, a couple of shawls. The bins are filling up with empty space instead of bursting with squished yarn, which is most definitely a wonderful thing.

And then, as I was celebrating my successes as a stash-buster, and reclaiming all of that space, I took up spinning. Naturally, that spawned a whole new collection. But now, having witnessed the dangers of acquiring too much too fast, and learning about how to properly accumulate a quality stash, I’ve become a most excellent curator, if I do say so myself. So, instead of showing you a bunch of half-finished knit projects, I thought I’d show you some luscious fiber, and hopefully inspire some to pick up the spindle.

This was my very first fiber purchase, bought at my first sheep and wool festival, where it screamed out “STEPH!” and then quickly found its way home with me. It comes from Hampton Artistic Yarns, and is beautifully dyed. The owner of the company is a sweetheart, and gracefully dealt with my fickle shopping behavior, answering loads of my silly questions with complete patience.

This assortment of brown batts comes from a fiber collective known as the Spindies, of which H.A.Y. is involved. Each batt is a different fiber, making it the perfect project for a beginner eager to try out everything from alpaca to milk fiber. And it’s all brown. I’ve been known to randomly stick my hand into the bag for a fondle, and then I become a creepy fiber person. Whatever, I’ve made amends with my eccentricities.

FUNKY CAROLINA! Need I say more? Mom and I sat at a computer together and watched my shopping cart get rejected not once, but three times, simply because I couldn’t click fast enough. Eventually I scored this lone skein of Gravelish, and was (and still am) super excited.

There’s actually a good bit more, but I’m going to save that and see if I can actually spin anything this weekend first. It’s dad’s 50th birthday party, and I’m going to be a busy girl, heading back and forth between Boston and New York. For now, I’m going to get back to spinning while watching Bleak House on Netflix because apparently I cannot get enough of Gillian Anderson (Scott and I are simultaneously working our way through the entire X-Files series). Hopefully I’ll be through at least one batt by Monday!


2 thoughts on “Oh my, that’s a lot of fiber.

  1. Yeah… I have bought exactly one skein of souvenir yarn this year. But until recently, I didn’t think fiber counted as a yarn diet-breaking purchase. Now, several bags later, it does.
    You have some beautiful fiber, though. Very nice fluff.

    1. I’m realizing that I need to embrace a “one in, one out” mentality with fiber, now: for every new braid of fiber, I need to spin an entire braid from my stash. Otherwise, I’m going to have to declare a new diet!

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