All I’ve been doing as of late is tidying, organizing, and trying my damnedest to keep things in order in my humble, tiny home. It hasn’t made for incredible blog fodder, I’ll tell you that. So I’m offering you a virtual whiff of the most delicious banana bread I’ve ever made. The trick lies in its simplicity: there are no nuts or chocolate chips to be found here. I added an extra banana (bringing the count up to 4 very brown and speckled fruits), and swapped out half of the sugar for chai powder. If you’re a lover of chai, or spices for that matter, this is an exceptionally wise move. Every bite was imbued with a lusciousness and excitement that cannot be found in conventional banana bread. The reduced sugar content makes it perfect for snacking on with some tea, or sneaking slivers right before bed (as Scott is found doing quite often). I wholeheartedly recommend sneaking some chai mix into desserts at any chance you get. Life is too short for bland baked goods!

I also gave the blog a little freshening up. The last time I updated the WordPress theme and my ‘about me’ page was almost two years ago, so I feel a bit more current, with the times.

And while I was tinkering with websites, I created my Etsy shop. It’s empty right now, but I plan to have it open by next week. It’ll be a small shop update, with probably less than 10 skeins offered, but they’ve all been lovingly dyed and need to find new homes. This place is too tiny to be carrying around extra yarn.


4 thoughts on “Housekeeping.

  1. That looks so delicious. Chai powder – genius idea! The blog looks great too – very clean and simple.

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