Salt water taffy.

I’ve been humming around lately with nothing but color and experimentation on the brain. My Etsy shop is up and running, but I’m planning on officially opening it up to my blogworld on Friday (because, truth be told, I completely forgot to photograph one of the yarns up for grabs!). I’m equal parts excited and nervous, but mostly just eager right now—I hope to move those skeins quickly so that I can buy more blanks with which to play. There’s a tried and true dye technique that hasn’t yet failed me, but I’m not the type of person to stick to one definitive way of doing things, so I played around with some yarn and the dye pot the other night and had some really fun results.

My initial intention was to capture some of the colors in Monet’s Water Lilies: the moody blues, pale greens, and shocks of pink. It was an uncharacteristic move for me, as I’m not a big fan of Monet or his ubiquitous series, but it seemed like a fun challenge. As I pulled the wet skein from the dye pot, however, I saw less of the famous paintings, and more of a favorite childhood treat: salt water taffy. We would buy them in mesh bundles, each pastel bit of salty, sugary floss wrapped in waxed paper, and we’d deftly unwrap them, sending little bits of paper every which way until our teeth ached with the chewing and the saccharine. Taffy is, for me,  summer, the beach, time as a meaningless structure, and carefree living. So, despite my aversion to pastels, I’ve come to like this skein of yarn quite a bit.

I’m going to knit it up as fast as possible to see how it looks, and depending on the outcome, will dye up some more like it to offer in the shop.

I’ll be back on Friday to introduce the brand—hope to see you here!


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